Hello all once again, it has proven to be a busy week with lots of events, activities and training.  Monday I took the required physical for wildland fire and MAN, was it extensive! Tif and I then spent the rest of the day planning for the outreach that week. Seasonal orientation started Tuesday and we were able to listen to everyone’s speil on what they do as an employee of the BLM. We learned some very useful information and had a chance to network with everyone during the lunch BBQ! Wednesday we had some education scheduled and Tif and I had some “Fun with Friends” as Tif affectionately refers to it. We taught students about birds and how to distinguish various shorebird species. We also had some fun making crafts and pine cone bird feeders (which was a peanut butter covered mess!) Our surveys have slowed down until mid July or so, so we are going to be doing a lot of outreach and working with other teams until then. Im excited to learn new things and meet some new people during this time. We received CPR training on Thursday and it was a good refresher for those of us who have not done it for awhile. After that we had to go out to the wind erosion site to collect soil samples. Tif got a sunburn and that’s all I heard about on the way back…”oooh…ahhhh, my arms  are burnt”… haha, just kidding she was not complaining THAT MUCH! Anyway, we have SAWS training this week and Tif left me alone to do an education event…we will see how it goes…

This weekend my girlfriend and I decided to take a roadtrip to New Mexico. We stopped at the Taos Pueblo a couple campgrounds and breweries as well as a BLM visitor center where we found this! A 2013 EFTA poster! I thought this was pretty neat to see!!

An EFTA poster we found while at a BLM visitor center in New Mexico.


Until next week

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