On May 20th, LA Audubon’s Baldwin Hills Greenhouse interns and restoration leaders had their commencement celebrating the years they have been in the program and the work they have done for the community. West LA College students from the Citizens Science program with LA Audubon attended as well. Tania and I were able to give a short introduction about the EFTA internship and what it stands for. Then the West LA students also gave a short introduction about the citizen science program. The restoration leaders gave the audience, which consisted of parents, students, and staff, a short lesson about using binoculars and what it is they have done within the Baldwin Hills Greenhouse Program. The interns were ready to top off the rest of the ceremony with their internship projects which they had been working on since the beginning of the internship with the program. Each presentation left me with awe and made me so proud of them as an alumni intern of the Baldwin Hills Greenhouse program. They worked so hard on those projects and in the end, it all paid off. At the end of the ceremony, Ms. Stacey presented all restoration leaders and interns to the audience as outstanding students who have done so much for the community. I was so proud of them all!

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