Okay, so maybe I lied last week. This week officially all educational programming is done. That means no more Ballona Creek field trips, Kenneth Hahn field trips, Greenhouse Program, or West Los Angeles community college certificate program. With this said, this also means that summer is just around the corner. Even though these set programs are done, does not mean education is done. I am currently in the process of outreaching to libraries, schools, and other organizations to see if they are interested in any bird programming for the summer, and it has been quite successful. I will be actually conducting a bird walk this coming Wednesday for an elementary school grade levels 1-6, so that should be quite interesting. On Friday, I will be conducting another bird walk for a non-profit organization ages 16-24, so that should also be fun. So even though all the set Los Angeles Audubon programs have came to an end, education has not. In fact, another thing that I will be currently working on is a bilingual bird walk, which I am fairly excited about, but that won’t be for at least another month (I still need a lot of practice to do).

Anyways, the highlight for this week, was definitely the last Ballona Creek Program microscope station. I usually help with this station or the bird station, but I realized this week, that I have been taking for granted the microscope station. In the microscope station, the children get to look at invertebrates through a microscope. Invertebrates like amphipods, isopods, and water boatmen usually. Well, I was really getting into catching the invertebrates to place them on the dishes under the microscope, and realized I had never really taken the time to look through the microscope to catch a glimpse of these little guys. (Why? I do not know why. Maybe because invertebrates are not birds you know?) Well guess who now kinda digs invertebrates and actually notices them more often now?

P.S. Feature image is an isopod, marine cousin of the rollie pollie.

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Tania Romero

I value learning and stories. There is something very magical in sharing, listening, and discovering. In love with life, birds, community building, y escuchar y hablar el idioma español.

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