This week it was very short for me, given that Memorial day was on Monday, it was quite a nice camping weekend for me. I haven’t camped in Gunnison, CO near the Blue Mesa Reservoir, until this weekend and it was gorgeous! I went mountain biking, watched a bike race in town, walked into the very interesting locals and ended up playing pool at a very old school restaurant. The mosquitoes were not bad at all, although I tried to get into the water but I ended up just barely dipping my toes. It was free-zing cold Br….!! Anyways I had a phenomenal weekend and work the next day was great, we worked out in the field, got some surveys done, pretty low key after migration just happened 2 weeks ago. However, Alex and I still get to watch some pretty phenomenal birds like the one above us is a male American bittern which he was displaying with another female in the nearby proprieties. It was a fantastic behavior to watch as well as the quite interesting call they make, that sounds almost exactly like a sage grouse. Although, these riparian birds don’t have the yellow sacs that make the call, thus these are all very interesting characteristics to think about. Furthermore, I got some more wind erosion training for later on in the field. Pretty interesting stuff! Stay tuned people!! more adventures to come!!

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