Hi bird lovers, this whole week I got to learn a bunch from other departments such as law enforcement, wildlife, geology, cultural, fire, etc.. This week was orientation week for Alex and me. We also did some really fun outreach this week! We used a few previous activities with them such as my favorite one….. *drumroll*……… paper bag owls! We did that activity for the K-3 graders. Everyone was super excited to make paper bag owls and create more friends for my paper bag owl called “Marty”. Some kids were mixing different colors with the wings, beak, legs, etc.. Each one of them looked really different and good in each way. My favorite one was a girl that put in pink eyelashes on her paper bag owl, cutest thing ever!! 🙂 Before that activity we had a presentation- introduction for  shorebirds where we explained their specific habitat, beaks, body parts, and explanation of specific avian species. At the end for the first group, we played a bird game where they had to pay attention to each bird’s characteristics and tuck down when they see the bird I had picked to describe. It was so fun to see them paying real close attention to each one of them and laughing. That’s what mattered the most to me, for them to relate science with having a good time. EMBRACE SCIENCE!

Now, for the 4-6th graders we had the same presentation but with a little more interesting factoids for the older kiddos. We then played bird bingo, which it seemed to me that they were really into it, giving them a little competition and science at the same time. I figured that one out really fast, that age group would engage more if you add a little of competition to the meal. Lastly, we made a bird feeder, Alex was the most excited for that activity. He was actually too excited for that activity haha! On Thursday, it was a bit of a long day, after CPR training, we went to the wind erosion site to collect more dust. That’s all folks!! Stay tuned

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