This week, I began helping with common murre surveys. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t the best, so I often went home pretty wet and cold. Luckily, we use Rite in the Rain materials so we are very prepared to take note of disturbances and any eggs we see, even in the rain.
Most mornings, there have been bald eagles disturbing the murres, and of course the gulls take advantage of this. As a result, there have been many shattered eggs scattered throughout the nesting rocks and the park. Some of the gulls have even been eating dead adult murres (probably left behind by eagles)! It’s not always a pretty sight.
One of the only good things about this is that visitors will often ask about the broken eggs they find, so it’s a good chance to educate them about the murres.
On another note, while on duty as a park ranger, I had my first fall in the tide pools. Needless to say, my rain boots were soaked and my socks felt very squishy the rest of the day. It made quite the interesting sound as I walked around the park.
All in all, the week was pretty relaxed. I’m excited for this coming week, when I will begin helping with cormorant monitoring and tide pools at the park.
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