Hello everyone, hope you all enjoyed the memorial day weekend! Aside from the surveys, which have slowed down significantly in the last week, Tif and I were able to attend some NEPA trainings. I gotta say it’s a very complicated process dealing with landowners and grazing allotments! I did not realize just how heavy of a political aspect is involved when dealing with BLM grazing allotments! Anyway, we spent two days going out to two different allotments assessing soil and vegetation quality. It was pretty neat to have everyone out of the office and involved in this outing. We were able to listen to everyone’s point of view and knowledge and it was fascinating just how many things must be considered before a decision or change can be made (Also quite frustrating!!). I learned a lot about grazing and the different animals and their food preferences and habits. As well as the pros/cons of different grazers. We received a good plant identification refresher being out assessing vegetation as well, which was nice, because that knowledge has since slipped my mind. Also being in the wildlife department, we assessed factors such as ground nesting bird habitat and cover. Next up, I have my chainsaw recert and pack test to look forward to as well as some soil sample collection while birds are away.

Over the weekend my little cousin got married, so I traveled back home to attend her wedding. I was able to see many of my high school classmates and family who I haven’t seen for a few years and it was nice catching up. Crazy how much can change in so little time.

Until next time!


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