Hello y’all! Welcome back to my humble fun blog site. For this week’s activities, I had a different experience from every other week I’ve been on duty. Alex and I went to Ranger management allotments with the experts in each department such as, recreation, vegetation, wildlife, hydrology, geology, cultural and us the interns. It was such a great experience to be able to listen to every department’s alternatives and perspectives to certain sites. The several allotments we evaluated were being managed for cattle grazing but the BLM staff want to transition the allotments to sheep grazing instead. This cattle to sheep transition is due to a swift in vegetation composition in the site, due to cattle choosing specifically on winter fat (ice-cream for cows) among other forbs that can simply make the transition from being a healthy land with a lot of diversity to poorly managed with little no diversity for other wildlife to nest, munch on, use as cover, etc. I learned a lot in those 2 days out in the field with these amazing people trying to come up with a better plan with the permittee. As seen above, one of the stop points was in front of the Rio Grande river where cattle has made negative impacts on the land and specially the point bars of the river, therefore the cows damaged a large portion of the corners of the rivers producing a less meandering and less control over the flow of the river.  Alright, just like piggy in the Looney tunes says “Tha- tha- tha- t’s all folks!”

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