There is only one word that can fully describe summer camp: tiring. I forgot how much energy young children have and how they never get tired. We had five very eventful days full of icebreakers, football, hiking, art, and building. Not only did the children learn many new and different things ranging from birding, art, and construction, but I also learned how to construct and build things myself. I mean I have built bird nest boxes before, but I have never actually received any training or was ever adequately taught how to use a drill or saw, and that is exactly what we (me and the summer campers) learned to do for a couple of days this week. Tinkering School, also known as the reDiscover Center, came for two days to teach the summer campers how to use tools specifically saws and drills, and we built invertebrate hotels aka insect hotels that we get to hang all over Kenneth Hahn park.

The summer campers were able to do everything from choosing the wood they wanted to use, to designing their hotel, to sawing the wood, and putting together the wood with screws and using clamps. It was nice not only to learn but also see them be excited about using the tools and creating something out of it. Some of them got really creative and drew in televisions into their hotels and even created elevators; their imaginations really ran wild and their creativity really showed with their creations. After the skeleton of the hotel was created, it was stuffed with a variety of different things found in nature. We went on a hike and collected sticks, bark, leaves, pine cones, grass, and stones to fill in our hotels and create even smaller chambers in our hotels. The fun part of building and putting together the hotel skeleton was over, and our patience was tested when we had to stuff it. Let’s just say, that summer campers did not have the patience to do it for more than an hour before getting jittery, however the outcome was amazing. I am looking forward to the next week of camp, and starting this all over.

Oh and the plover chick is still alive. Two more weeks before it hopefully fledges. *fingers crossed*

Tania Romero

I value learning and stories. There is something very magical in sharing, listening, and discovering. In love with life, birds, community building, y escuchar y hablar el idioma español.

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