It was 5:40 on Monday morning at Cape Perpetua before Jerry decided Ricky had slept long enough.

“Wakey wakey dormilón ” said Jerry.
“Yawn..Shh Jerry! Please, just five more minutes. I was having the best dream.” Ricky complained while Jerry poked him with his bill.
“Okay, okay Basta, I’m up. Oh mira the sun is already peeking! Ay que, grocero ¿porque no me levantas más temprano?” Ricky yawned as he finally opened his eyes and to his amazement the sun was already rising.
“Ah, I tried an hour ago but you sleep like a rock. So I was like ah he’ll wake up when he wakes up.”
Even though Ricky and Jerry would have already started their daily morning seed patrol of the Forest they did not worry too much because they always had a backup breakfast plan.
“Ah por lo menos Señora Jones will still be outside. She always has a little snack for us.” said Ricky
“Yeah, she always has the best stuff” Jerry replied.
Ricky finished his morning preen and they pair were off. They flew down through the trees to their generous friend’s house to get their morning snack. Today she had things like pumpkin seeds and pistachios ready when she saw the two black birds flying towards her porch.

They greeted her with their caws and ate their breakfast.

“Mm yes you’ve done it again Mrs. Jones.”

After this they flew around the neighborhood for a bit dive-bombing and trying to one up each other with their tricks. Life on the feather was awesome! They could go anywhere, eat what they wanted and essentially do whatever they pleased!

And now that it was summer, it was that time of year where there are more people walking around exploring. More chances to find a little something something laying around whether from tricking a dog out of their treat or from someone who thought they were cute. It would be nice to find a fry or two. They were Jerry’s favorite human snack. But it was no question that they would still go around to their old haunts because they know all the good spots to find the juiciest bugs and biggest acorns. Ricky’s dad knew all the tricks.

As the sun went down Jerry and Ricky perched at the top of the favorite tree, to watch the sun go down into the ocean. It was such a good day and they couldn’t wait to see what tomorrow would bring.

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Ingrid Melvin · June 26, 2017 at 5:35 pm

I am so glad you stoty came together as you wanted. I enjoyed it very much, thank you.

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