We got a Frisbee for the house.


Not just any Frisbee, a Smokey Bear Frisbee, a bight green Smokey Bear Frisbee. The whole house was excited, all 8 adults living in the Sutton 8 housing were excited about this FREE Frisbee we got from work.


Well today, on our day off, Jasmine, Jhonny, and I decided to play outside. We dressed up in our playground clothes, and walked out to the picnic area behind our house.

The  first five minutes were clumsy; combined with a lot of running after the Frisbee because our sucky aim sent the frisbee off to the other side of the world.

The second five minutes were spent trying to get the Frisbee out  the bushes (Jhonny was a bit overzealous with the throwing).


And then, I suggested monkey in the middle. I should have known better. Within two minutes we were too competitive. I had a skinned knee. By the end of the third five minutes, just as we were starting to play well, we broke the Frisbee. Correction: I broke the frisbee. Jasmine and I were racing towards it, she dove and I stepped out of the way so I wouldn’t step on her hand….instead I stepped on Smokey Bear.

Our whole adventure lasted 15 minutes. We walked back home in amused shame, and got our volleyball out to play in the day-use area. We disappointed the house.

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