Hello my fellow bird-brains! Man time is flying! I feel like I just did one of these blogs yesterday!

Well work is starting to pick up and Snowy and my scheduled is BOOKED for the next week! This week we were able to get our hands dirty and play with some dirt from Wind Erosion site. We weighte dirt/sand samples, correctly filed and marked containers and washed the collection bottles for reuse. It was a long tedious process, but someone has to do it! We started by getting a quick tutorial from one of the girls who has done it before and while introducing the process she said ” We HAVE to used distilled water to rinse the vials. I don”t know why, but that’s what we are supposed to do.” I kindly replied “Well since there is such in-depth analysis of the sample, it’s most likely because regular water has particulates and natural elements within the water that may throw off the readings.” So, after a while we began to get low on water so I went out to fetch a gallon……and guess who got the WRONG water….this guy!! Ooops! Needless to say we had to get another gallon of water, this time Distilled!

This week Snowy and me also helped collect rain gauge data. Since I was responsible for rain gauges in previous years I was asked to go along because they are located in the deepest, darkest, depths and corners of the SLV. It’s amazing how the supervisor can remember where each is located. I do enjoy collecting them however, because we end up in beautiful meadows, and often on top of overlooking mountains. Anyway, I grabbed a GPS unit which had the points conveniently plotted on and off we went. We took a few wrong turns and ended up crossing into private property a time or two, where we had to slowly back out and find another way around. At the final rain gauge for the day I pulled the GPS out and started walking. I vaguely remembered this one and thought it was located on a fallen stump. Well I walked up into the trees checking every stump I could see……nothing, I walked around some more and started to wonder if it had been removed or destroyed by someone or something. I went back to the truck where Snowy and Mianna were, only to be greeted with a “Did you find it??” “No” I replied “But I will” so determined, I ventured back in and zoomed into the GPS as far as it would allow…after a few minutes I found it…FINALLY on a small obscure little broken sapling…. The girls got a kick out of that one. Here’s a picture to share my frustration!

Until next time!

The rain gauge NOT where it says it’s supposed to be!!

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