In 2012 I had the opportunity to study abroad at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. Studying abroad was a great opportunity to travel and visit the different ecosystems and regions that Oregon has. For this reason, when EFTA offered me the position at Siuslaw National Forest I was very happy in returning back to Oregon. What I like the most about this state is the diversity and the different ecoregions. Especially, the temperate rainforest’s which are in someway similar to tropical rainforests and the presence of the Coastal Range creating ecoregions similar to the Andes Mountain Range, both reminds me to similar places at the West of the South American Continent.

Last Saturday I was able to go back to Salem when we assisted at an outreach event called Oregon Beach Bill at the State Capitol. I really enjoyed this day, mainly because I was able to show my roommates the different places I used to visit when I lived there. But, I also enjoyed being able to talk to people in Salem and tell them about the western snowy plover. In one of the things I believe we make a difference is when we talk to kids about the importance of protecting sensitive ecosystems and conserving endangered species. I think it is important when we do the Junior Ranger program and we make pledges with them about protecting the forest, because our job will be fruitful after the cultural generation changes when those kids grow and care about the work we do. At Salem it crosses my mind “who would have thought that I’ll be here in this town 4 years later doing something like this” and that was it was a fulfilling feeling.


I consider myself a person with initiative and willingness to learn, and I am responsible and passionately dedicated to research for wildlife conservation.

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