A sunny evening on Castle Rock trail, where we were hiking, chatting and laughing with Subaru/Leave No Trace Trainers, Chelan-Douglas Land Trust, Team Naturaleza, and locals. This amazing and special partnership led to an outdoor activity in a local trail called Castle Rock where we met to enjoy a sunny evening outside to share together and explore the wonders of the wilderness.

Subaru/Leave No Trace(LNT) Trainers travel around the country to share amazing outdoor guidelines or best practices to get outdoors with the lowest environmental impact. We developed an event with them called “Hiking 101: What you need to know to get outdoors,” where LNT Trainers presented games and activities for families that were related to environmental hazards that people face in the wilderness to teach or advise them on how to get outdoors safely and responsibly. For example, one of the activities was to guess what kind of materials spend more time on the ground to degrade and some fruits were in the cards, surprisingly,  Apple cores and orange peels take a lot of time to degrade in nature.(Apple core decompose in 2 months and orange peels in 6 months. Durable right!?)

After the activities and games, we went on a hike on the Castle Rock trails, incredibly,  the majority of the locals didn’t know about this trails. Certainly, they discovered a new place to visit in the area and they enjoyed the walk to the top of the hill. During the hike, we were talking about the animals that live on the foothills and the plants that support them and the beauty of the wildflower. I am always surprised and amazed by how useful plants have been for Native Americans and the things that we have learned from those experiences. It was amazing to see people enjoying this adventure and exciting to keep exploring Wenatchee with us. Thanks to Leave No Trace and Subaru for supporting this programs, to Chelan-Douglas Land Trust to sponsor the activity and Team Naturaleza for supporting and sponsoring this activity for multicultural, bilingual community. Results: new friends, laughs, and great outdoor experience!

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