Sitting along the shore of Venice beach, I was preparing everything for Least Tern monitoring when I hear a squeaky chirping above me. I look up to see two birds flying and ready to land onto the sandy beach. They land at least three feet away from me. When I examine these birds closely I tell myself, “they look a lot like Least Terns.” For a short while I stand there staring at these birds and they sit in the sand, staring back. My brain suddenly snaps back into reality screaming, “use your binoculars!!!” Quickly, I reach into my backpack and pull out my binoculars. Only then do I realize that they are Least Terns! I become extremely excited that I take lots of pictures. I send them to Ms. Stacey to make sure I wasn’t seeing things but she comfirmed to me that indeed they were Least Terns! One of them was a fledgling which made me more happy! This is the first time that I have spotted Least Terns while monitoring, though, I was preparing to monitor when I actually spotted them! What a day to remember!

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