Hello my fellow pajaros!  This 4th of July week has been pretty eventful.  Erika and I spent the 4th in a small mountain town known as Creede. It is supposed to be one of the best places around during the 4th but in all reality… it was not as great as expected. We did however see my old supervisor there, so we hung around there, ate some food and talked for a few hours before the fireworks. Fireworks only lasted around 15 minutes and left everyone a bit disappointed. Nonetheless the town is a beautiful mountain town rich in historical significance and geography and I enjoyed spending the day with close friends.

On Wednesday I had some educational outreach at a church, and was a bit nervous because I was on my own since Tifany went to Peru without me!! Haha it went well….she is now vindicated and we have planned to come back every week this month. Thursday brought my wildland firefighter pack test ( 3 miles with a 45lb weight vest in under 46 minutes…..but you can NOT run!) and man I am out of shape! I managed to pass the test but was pretty sore the morning after!

Mr. Geoff Walsh and Sue Bonfield came down to visit us on Friday and we all had a blast hanging out with them and showing off our sites. Appropriately, the day finished with drinks and a social at the local brewery where we had some great conversations. Finally, to finish my week I was invited to attend a “special” bird count with our local bird guru. It was a great time! We woke up around 3AM, drove to the site and staked out White faced Ibis in a Flight line count. It was amazing to listen to all of the wildlife that was active on the wetlands at that hour! Thanks for the invite Lisa!

Until next time,


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