Hello once again everyone! Where do I begin? I’m going to start off by giving a big thanks to Lily and Chu-yu for visiting us here at the Blanca Wetlands! Thanks, ladies, had a great time and it was a fun day with you two!

For the visit, we began by showing them, first-hand, a typical education day for us. That went very well, got the kiddos outside for a little walk and gave them some experience with some binoculars looking at some swallows. Nothing sparks kids interest more than seeing things for themselves and it was nice to get some excitement and questions from them. After the community center visit we grabbed some lunch and talked for a good while. We then cruised out to the wetlands to show Lily and Chu-Yu around. We saw a few good birds as well as a group of about 56 elk. That was the largest group we have seen out there thus far! We then took some pictures…………….apparently I am terrible at the whole picture-jump thing because I just couldn’t get it right….in my defense, I’ve never done that one before! Anyway, thanks again for coming out and hope you ladies get to visit the whole EFTA crew!

This week we also had our IMBD event ( a little late, I know). It was a great time nonetheless. We had a great turn-out

Tif the faice-painer with steady customers!

and the kids and parents alike enjoyed it! Tif decided she was going to do face paintings…..needless to say, she was quite popular! I have attached a picture of here with a good size waiting line. We gave out a bunch of materials and info and educated parents and kids on their responsibilities as environmental stewards, including keeping those curious cats indoors and how to construct pine-cone bird feeders. Great time!

On another note, this weekend was full of excitement. I had an annual family reunion. They are always fun-filled and this one was no different. It was great to see the family and spend some time with everyone. On our way to the reunion, we planned a stop to fix my girlfriends tent. We dropped it off, and had a few minutes to waste so we decided to take the pups to a local dog park. After we let them run around and socialize we picked up the tent and decided we would have lunch before we continued our trip. In the process of finding a spot to eat, we stumbled upon a car show!!! YES!! So after we grabbed a bite we decided to hang around for a while. It was an awesome little event. There were tuner cars, race cars, 4×4’s, go-carts and motorcycles! Pics below

FAN FEST in CO springs. Guy doing a backflip on a monster ramp!

Cant believe this car was there! This is the HOONIGAN car from the “Need for speed” intro video! Ken Block tears up the streets of LA.


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