June 21st, the longest day of the year, brought in the summer season. All of the schools here in the Central coast of Oregon are now out of session and our campgrounds, beaches and forests are open and ready for all of the fun! We are all gearing up to talk to go around to various sites up and down the central coastal to talk to all of those who come to visit our Forest! It was quite apparent that it was summer because a few days later we faced the warmest days since I have arrived here in the Siuslaw National Forest. The hottest day was in the mid 80s it also happened to be the most active I had been in a while. I talked to so many people, most which had come from the valley, mostly Portland, to escape 120º weather. I would’ve done the same! It was a gorgeous couple of days but I’m happy to know that those days are one in a few. I actually happen to like the chilly foggy days better anyway. But while they are around I’m happy to break out some shorts and go out to try surfing!

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