The writing process



Every week we must write a blog, and every week we have the same process of procrastination:

Jhonny finishes his by Saturday morning, latest.

I finish mine by Sunday night or Monday at 8 am.

And Jazzy, well, we’re lucky if Jasmine finishes hers by Monday night.

Every week we have the same discussion about blogs: What should I talk about? I did nothing, I did so many things, can my blog just be pictures??

I would however, like to highlight Jasmine’s writing process (with her permission, of course).




Jhonny: Don’t forget to write your blogs!

Gabie:  Oh yeah! Blogs! I’ll go do that write now. Goes to room, but gets distracted and does not write

Jazz: Oh, the blogs! I have an idea, but I’m not sure about it. Snapchats everyone in the house for a while


Ten minutes later:

Jhonny:  Okay, I have submitted my blog.

 Jasmine and I make eye contact and sigh.



9:30 am

Gabie:  AHHHH, we must write blogs!

Jasmine: oh yeah!

The two interns continue not to write blogs


10:15 am

Jasmine: have you started your blog?

Gabie: I wrote a sentence?

Jasmine: I’m starting now. Doesn’t start her’s now.



The two interns still sit in front of the television, not having moved an inch

Gabie:  Okay, I’m mostly done. How about you?

Jasmine: noooo, I haven’t started! I NEED INSPIRATION. Jasmine goes for a walk.



Jasmine returns from her walk, looking refreshed and feeling a bit hungry.

GABIE:  how was the walk, what did you see?

JASMINE: it was nice, I heard some swainsons’s thrushes.

GABIE:  Sweet! I finished my blog!

JASMINE: Ohh noooo! I don’t like my story at all! I’m going to change it!


3:20 PM

Gabie: Have you done the blog?

Jasmine: noooo, I’m thinking about what I really want to write about



Gabie: How’s the blog coming?

Jasmine hides her laptop screen

Jasmine: Heeey, it’s going alright…

Gabie: You’re on Tumblr again!

Jasmine looks guilty



Gabie: Blog?

Jasmine: Nope!


Jhonny: I submitted my hours, edited my resume, and cleaned my room!

Jasmine: I should do laundry!

Gabie: You should write your blog!!!



Jasmine: whyyyyyy!!! Next week, I’m writing my blog on Thursday!

Everyone in the house smiles and chuckles because they know that she will not, in fact, write her blog on Thursday.


Other interns invite us out to do something

Jhonny: Okay, I have nothing to do

Gabie: uhhhh

Jasmine: YES! Let me put shoes on!

Gabie: did you finish your blog??

Jasmine:  I’ll do it when I come back!



Everyone returns from playing night Frisbee

Gabie: good night! Don’t forget to write your blog!



Jasmine is talking to other interns, not writing blog



Still not writing blog

12:15 am

Talking, everyone goes to bed, but Jasmine works on the couch until 1:20am.

She awakes at 9:20, and writes parts of her blog. The blog is due at noon.



Jasmine: I finished!!! Time to celebrate!!!




And now, as I write my blog two hours before the deadline, I realize that I am Jasmine. We  have become each other.

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