I have been so lucky these past few weeks, I’ve gotten to meet so many cool people, see so many awesome  animals, and I’ve gotten to go to the zoo not once, but three times!


When we started this internship I didn’t know we’d be going to the zoo, much less to talk about the Oregon silverspot butterfly. But we did, we went primarily on days that were reduced price admittance. Our target days were Twilight Tuesdays, which is amazingly awesome. These days give an opportunity to less affluent people of Portland a chance to see the animals, but at a fraction of the cost. We were able to speak to people who had never before been to the zoo, much less known about a two inch butterfly who lives on the coast.


My favorite thing about our exhibit was our costume and photo station. We had a square cutout that guests could take pictures in, and butterfly costumes the kids could wear for a picture. I really enjoyed this because it  was bright, beautiful, and sustainable. We created zero litter and many memories!


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