One community we worked with to add trees. The trees would cool the buildings and slow down off on this hill.

What’s going on?? I hope you all are enjoying summer in full swing now that we have made it all the way to July! It’s hard to believe time has gone by so fast. Although summer just technically started with the solstice about two weeks ago, one major project at ECC is ending. ECC has been engaged with the door-to-door canvassing project. This project had been going on for so long that it started even before I got to ECC.


The point of the project was to knock on door in Wards 7 and 8 in DC. Our goal was to talk to citizens and let them know about services offered by the city. Some of these services included free maintenance on street trees and programs that got free and reduced cost trees and other sustainable structures on their private property. Some of the sustainable structures include rain barrels, rain gardens, and permeable pavement. These were all offered through the RiverSmart Homes Program offered by the DC Department of Energy and the Environment.


Aside from convincing residents to install these money saving and environmentally friendly structures, we also wanted to educate citizens on the benefits of trees. Residents also have the ability to have free street trees planted in front of their homes and or ones put on their private property at no or reduced cost. These threes were also offered through the DC Department of Energy and the Environment. Many residents, especially the older residents, remember the days when the DC government has trouble maintaining its trees and they became dangerous. That ruined the relationship people had with trees, but we wanted to change that with this project and let people know they can have healthy trees that provide shade, cool their homes, provide oxygen, and prevent erosion. Some residents were more receptive than others and although we weren’t able to get everyone to sign up, we did reach over 1000 homes and got dozens of sign up on all of the programs. This community outreach was a great and I hope to do something similar in my future.


See ya next time!

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