A great sunny Saturday to enjoy the oasis called Douglas Creek. This is a public land managed by the Bureau Land Management (BLM).  It’s located in Eastern Washington, and it’s a dry sage-steppe upland forming a unique riparian oasis in the desert climate. A great habitat for songbirds, raptors, snakes, beavers, and other animals where we can enjoy recreational activities, such as hiking, camping, hunting, water sports, and wildlife viewing.

On this summer, we went hiking on Old Railroad Trail at Douglas Creek with a birder and recreationist to explore the area with locals. It was my first time at Douglas Creek! Also, children and their moms came along with us to discover the wilderness. During the hike, we found amazing creatures like Red-Tailed Hawks flying around like a guardian monitoring its area, and cliff swallows feeding their babies in their nest into the basalt columns. The trail led us to wonderful geological structures that we discussed pillows and how they’re formed and much more.

It is a great place to visit and camp out at!

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