I’ve had a great experience so far being exposed to different projects. One big project I contributed to was the South West Flycatcher pedestrian survey at McEntire Simpson. This place has most likely been the most mosquitoes I’ve ever seen in one single place. I even saw more mosquitoes on this site than in the Amazonian jungle, I had to wear big rubber boots that will cover my entire legs, 2 layers of clothing plus a mosquito jackets that covered my entire upper body and my head. Some extra covering was sunglasses and a piece of thin layer clothing around my neck and lower face. Phew!! Once we started moving, it got really really toasty!! I was wearing not only enough layers but also wearing an under armor tight shirt, which pretty much was a sauna. Anyways, back to the topic, I got about 30 bird species total that day along with some pretty cool wildlife such as deer calves, a great horned owl, gartner snakes, frogs, muskrats, and lots and lots of flies and red dragonflies!! It was a pretty successful day with everyone and at the end of course we couldn’t forget the donuts. Check and check on everything. We also saw a pigeon-like chick just laying on the ground all fed up and mellow. Overall, we had a great bird guru and tons of stuff to look at. Pretty great week for sure :)! Other than this great project that Alex and I tagged along on we are still doing a lot of outreach in a Methodist Church. Stay tuned you bloggers!!

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