I like to believe that nature influences all wonderful things. It influences art, beauty, family, character, love, etc. It is hard for me to imagine a beautiful world without nature. The blooming of flowers in spring, the falling of colorful leaves in fall, the radiant sun on our skin in summer, and playful snow in winter. A photo of the city looks more beautiful when a single flower is captured in its view. Painters glow with wonders spilling out of their paint brushes, influenced by the many colors of the evening sky. Beauty comes from the bees kissing every flower gently. It comes from the airgiving wind that helps a bird keep its stride with its glorious feathered wings. It comes from the stars that shine in the night sky bringing comfort and telling tells that have been told for million of years. Nature brings family together, wether it is having lunch on the overgrown grass buzzing with hundred of lifeforms that crawl unseen. Wether it’s on sandy dunes and salty water that stirs singing silent lullabies in our ears. Wether it’s a pleasant walk, hand in hand, at the flower-filled parks with tall trees sheltering them as they go by. Nature shows its love in many ways that we can possibly imagine though sometimes we do not notice. Take a moment to embrace the warmth of the earth on your fingertips and breathe in the oxygen that nature provide us, only then can you notice that love that surrounds us. We each have our own ways of embracing nature, through art, beauty, family or love. I will continue to embrace nature through writing.

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