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I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful spring weather! Here in Wenatchee it has been a little rainy the past few days, which is great for plant life! I feel so lucky to live in a place where we experience every season! It makes exploring nature year-round extra fun.


Visiting a new place in nature is exciting to me for various reasons, but one of those is finding out the history and background of the area. By learning the history I am able to better understand how past people used the land and the resources they had.


The Pacific Northwest has been a bountiful area for many native tribes, and Lake Wenatchee is no exception. At Lake Wenatchee they would hunt, fish from the rivers where the salmon swam through, and pick wild berries. In the 1800’s the fur traders arrived and later came the pioneers, who farmed and logged trees. In the 1900’s the Northern Pacific and Great Northern railroads were being built, and this led to the development of neighboring towns, such as  Leavenworth. As time passed, the towns grew and developed.


The area has been well used by people from varying backgrounds and is still used to this day for recreational activities. Summer Camps are held at Lake Wenatchee, and it is overall just a fun place to be! It is important to take care of places like Lake Wenatchee because of their rich history and bountiful wildlife! Taking great care of this area also means future generations will be able to enjoy its vast beauty and resources too!

History on Lake Wenatchee found here: http://www.lakewenatcheeinfo.com/history/


Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time!





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