I have arrived in Oregon at the Siuslaw National Forest, and this place is simply beautiful!


Hello everyone. My name is Araceli and for the next five months I will be stationed at the US Forest Service Hebo Ranger District as an Environment for the Americas (EFTA) Intern. EFTA is a nonprofit organization that strives to engage the public in bird conservation efforts and create more opportunities for Latino engagement in these programs. One way they are doing this is by coordinating different internship programs for Latino students in partnership with government and nonprofit organizations. This is where I come in. I will primarily focus on interpretation and community outreach to increase awareness of bird conservation, as well as assist with shorebird and other wildlife surveys.


Growing up, I never imagined that my passion for the outdoors would take me to different countries to see amazing wildlife and explore incredible ecosystems. These experiences helped me notice the unbelievable amount of biodiversity within the US and to realize the need to protect and conserve these habitats full of life. My career aspirations are to protect endangered and threatened wildlife through research, international collaboration, and community outreach. Therefore, this internship is the perfect opportunity to continue gaining new skills while learning more about birds, other wildlife, and the Forest Service. I look forward to learning from and working with the wonderful staff here at the ranger district, and to sharing my experiences in the upcoming weeks!


P.S. Coolest thing about Oregon so far: whales and Bald Eagles!!!

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