It has been a very eventful week! After a long week of finals, I slowly started my transition into beginning my internship. This weekend I assisted LA Audubon with tabling. We tabled an event at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. They had an event called Nature Fest, to show people the surprising amount of nature and wildlife found in their city. There were about 30 different organizations that participated. Our table consisted of comics done by high school students at the Baldwin Hills Green House program. People really enjoyed the content of the comics. We had one comic called “Kill your Lawn” which illustrated to readers how to revamp their lawn into something that would attract more wildlife and be more water efficient. We had a lot of people interested in getting rid of their lawn and installing more native plants. Many came to us for recommendations on plants, and others simply described what they had already planted and what else they hope to do. It was so great seeing many people having an interest in changing their lawns to contribute more to wildlife. Other things that we had at our table were compasses and binoculars to teach kids how to use them. We taught one child how to use the compass, and he taught us that the compass points to magnetic north and not true north due to the magnetic compass aligning with the earth’s magnetic field.

Overall, it was a very interesting and informational day speaking with those in the community about birds. Our biggest attraction was the migration game. Kids loved the game and parents did also. We were located next to a table that brought live raptors to educate the public about. It was my first time seeing a Eurasian Eagle-owl and its eyes were just as amazing as its talons. I didn’t know that the museum had such a great event devoted to nature. Nature Fest was filled with a lot of arts and crafts, animals, and information. It gave me a better idea of what other organizations in Los Angeles are doing to help nature. It also gave me an idea of just how different bird people are from one another. We had a handful of Audubon members come talk to us about their love for birds. We also had one young girl who goes on weekly bird walks and knew how to identify birds better than I did. This weekend made me excited to learn more about the different birds in the area, and to also learn the flora that they are most attracted to. I would definitely say this event was a big success!

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