Hello all,

My first week back has been productive. Ricky and I were able to make some phone calls to some potential schools for the outreach program, and have even booked a couple field trips already! I am excited to begin the season and look forward to working with our many partners to bring science and conservation education to youth! The goal this year is to reach some of the schools and youth that we were unable to reach last summer. We will be focusing on the northern portion of the San Luis Valley (SLV), since we successfully reached a considerable percentage of the southern schools, community centers and churches last summer. We will still be working with these schools, however I am trying to expand the total reach of this program to the SLV in its entirety.

This week we were able to get out to the Blanca Wetlands and do a preliminary count before the shorebirds arrive. We observed many duck species, geese, and the occasional Killdeer sprinkled in. It was nice getting out and birding again!

We will begin our surveys next week, and, although it is a bit early, it will be nice to watch the shorebirds slowly flow in and the wetlands come to life!

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