It has been a very fun and unique experience to train in San Diego for a week. Time has flown by and I find myself feeling more excited as the first day of my internship approaches. I’ve always been very passionate about contributing something meaningful to the environment. For me, being out in nature this often is a big change, as I grew up in an area where the local parks weren’t the safest to be in. I am currently finishing my last quarter of college and it has been tough, but participating in this training has been good practice for balancing my day to day tasks. This internship will not just help me to gain new skills for my career but I will also be helping my community along the way.

My name is Carla Sanchez and I reside in Los Angeles County in California. I won’t be very far from home as I’ll be interning with the LA Audubon starting tomorrow. I know going to Los Angeles each day for my internship will give me a new perspective on a city that I love, and I’m excited to learn more about the nature and wildlife that resides within. With meeting my site supervisor this week, I’m even more enthusiastic about participating in education, outreach, and conservation.

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