This week has been very busy thus far. I am on spring break and took more time to work closely with LA Audubon. What I learned is that there is always something to do! For the week, I did my first two bird surveys at Ballona Wetlands. Seeing the birds that are found in Los Angeles has been so eye-opening. I’ve been to Los Angeles many times and haven’t stopped very often to observe the variety of birds that are found nearby. The first day I went out with last year’s intern, who is now LA Audubon staff. She was very helpful in pointing out features and behaviors that are distinct to certain shorebirds. The second day, I embarked on this adventure by myself. Half way through my shorebird survey I got a bit frustrated with the sun, as it blocked my view and some distinct features. I took a few minutes to really look at the shorebirds and at my book and collect valuable information to assist me. I carried on with my survey and finished in no time! Practice and patience really does make things easier in the long run. After my second survey for the week, I went over to Kenneth Hahn Recreational Park and shadowed the rest of the LA Audubon staff for their West Los Angeles College certificate program. The staff, students, and I went on a bird walk throughout the park. It showed me how it’s okay to not know every single bird and how excited people get when they are able to identify a bird sitting or flying right in front of them. This park was also so beautiful, and I enjoyed walking through the grass and sitting under the oak trees. I was amazed to see such a big and beautiful park in the middle of the city. I will definitely be visiting this park on my own time and taking in more sights and sounds.

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