Hello Everyone!

I can’t believe a week has already passed since internship training in San Diego! My internship experience is a little different than the others because I began my internship with Team Naturaleza in December of 2017. This has given me more time to get to know the nonprofit organization and what they do in the Wenatchee community. It has been a great learning experience working with community members and other organizations to help achieve Team Naturaleza’s goals.


One thing I love about Team Naturaleza is that biology and science education is so much more fun, especially outdoors! On March 10th, Team Naturaleza and the Chelan Douglas Land Trust had a snowshoe hike to the White River. Our day began at Lake Wenatchee where we had a bit of history and landscape education. We also saw two Bald Eagles, a Belted Kingfisher and a few Common Mergansers. It was my first time seeing Lake Wenatchee, and it was so much fun! From there we drove up to the trail and hiked up to the White River. We then hiked to Tall Timbers Ranch where we stopped for lunch. Also, we saw a snowshoe hare and a few American Dippers on our way back down.


These events are so important to us because they allow members of the community to have new experiences in places as beautiful as Lake Wenatchee (pictured) and the White River. I am very excited to keep you up to date on all of my Team Naturaleza adventures that are to come!

See you soon!

Blanca Lopez


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