Hello New Friends,


Come with me on a journey of self discovery and new experiences! I know, it sounds cliché, but the statement holds true. I am about to embark on a five to seven month journey that entails field work, community outreach/engagement, and, most importantly, BIRDS (with a strong emphasis on shorebirds)! I am an Environment for the Americas intern (or EFTA for short). EFTA is a nonprofit organization whose mission statement is to protect our shared natural resources with diverse partners and train the next generation of conservationists. More specifically, I’m a recipient of the Celebrate Birds/Celebra las Aves internship, which aims at engaging the next generation of Latino conservation stewards.



Met this cool little girl on my first day of training.


I hail from the concrete jungle that is Chicago, Illinois, and graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago back in 2015 with a B.S. in Biological Sciences. My passion for wildlife has been with me since I was a young lad. Playing in the mud with worms, going to the zoo with my mom, and watching old wildlife documentaries with my dad are what sparked my interest in science. These early experiences are what shaped my goals of pursuing a career in ecology. Fast forward two decades and here I am, taking part in this amazing internship. Before this last week, I’d never been to the west coast. Can you believe that I barely saw the ocean for the first time last week?! I still can’t believe it! Traveling to the Pacific Northwest has exposed me to a new perspective. And from the looks of it, it’s going to be a fun few months. I’m excited to share my skills with the United States Forest Service and play my part to help with shorebird monitoring and educating our visitors and the public on conservation here in the Siuslaw National Forest. Strap on your boots and put on your rain jacket (it’s rainy in Oregon) and follow me on this exciting journey! *Strikes cool pose*

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