Hello all,

So I will be starting my graduate program in mid-May and was able to take a quick trip to Iowa over the weekend to look at some housing options and meet my advisers. Although significantly different from our “Colorful Colorado,” I think Iowa will be a nice change of pace. Ames is bigger than the town I currently live in (Alamosa), but not big enough to be overwhelming. I think it will be the perfect size for me and I am looking forward to moving. While I was there, I was able to meet my advisers and they gave me a quick tour of the area and introduced me to some folks that I will be working with. My work will be on Monarch butterfly perception of distance to flowering plants. I toured the labs where all the Monarchs are raised and worked on, and observed the truly amazing operations going on to learn more about this beautiful butterfly, in an attempt to boost population numbers back to healthy numbers. I am very excited to start work and hope I will be able to make some significant contributions to the field.

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