Hi everyone!

This past week has been full of planning with members of other organizations, like the Wenatchee River Institute, to create fun educational events for the community! A lot of outreach and collaborating is taking place in order for these events to be successful. I am so excited to see our very own Mother’s Day at Methow Park Birdfest come to life! It will take place on May 13th in Wenatchee.  It really is so amazing watching non-profit organizations work with artists and local businesses to create something special.


One thing I am excited for at this event is the bird watching and the bird related activities for the children that will be attending. This truly will be an event for the entire community! Working with the Wenatchee River Institute has been a blast. Brook Hinton is the Community Events Manager at the Wenatchee River institute, and she created this colorful flyer for the event.


Flyer for Methow Park Birdfest.

Our goal for this event is to broaden our audience to have momentum when the Leavenworth Birdfest arrives on May 17th – 20th. The event on May 13th will be an exciting experience for those who have yet to learn about Birdfest. I am excited that Team Naturaleza is a part of this event, because it really is unique in the sense that our main focus is celebrating birds as well as mothers. We will be having intersecting activities such as nest making with recycled materials. We will also have a local artist create a large interactive nest sculpture for everyone to participate in.


I am looking forward to posting all of the fun pictures from the Mother’s Day Birdfest event.


Tune in next time!



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