Are you ready? Let me tell you about the whirlwind that was last week. It started out simple enough; I got to work, answered a few emails. We had a staff meeting before it got too late in the morning and that’s where the rundown came. Lots of events were planned for the Earth Conservation Corps.


Tuesday night was the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Gala at the Wharf, with BassPro Shops. All of us Corps members rolled up bright eyed and full of questions. For about an hour we got to mingle with NWF staff and talk about life. After that the event began in the main ballroom. We heard from speakers like the president of NWF and the Senators of Maine and Delaware. What made the event really awesome were the animal ambassadors there that night!


It started off humble enough; a Bald Eagle came out for a brief moment and we learned a bit about him. Then the sloth from South America arrived, followed by two American wolves. The cutest duo of the night had to be the beaver and river otter. Also, the food wasn’t half bad either!!


On Wednesday morning, BassPro and the NWF held an event at the Pumphouse, which required all hands on deck. First we had a few speeches, then we went fishing out on the docks seeking to catch some catfish from the Anacostia. We weren’t lucky enough to catch anything, but the kids loved the post fishing pizza party!


Wednesday and Thursday afternoon were filled with a couple hours of Anacostia River Trash Cleanup. This was a chance to get into the field and see what little bits of undeveloped land in DC look like.


Much of the area where I work has been developed into sidewalks or roads in order to make the apartments and restaurants more accessible to the people living there. Even though most of it is concrete, there are still signs of life and nature. The pigeons and the crows are plentiful. Every so often a cormorant will fly into view on the hunt for a meal. The Mallards are always around and there is a resident groundhog that has made the occasional appearance around the ECC Pumphouse. The kids we worked with loved hearing about this, and were keeping an eye out for any glimpse of wildlife.


Some of those same kids will return this week, and I’ll be teaching and taking them on a bird tour around the Navy Yard in DC.


Wish me luck!




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