Greetings yet again from the Earth Conservation Corps in Southeast Washington D.C.


As you’ve been reading this blog, you might have wondered, what about the other animals? Aren’t they in danger? Well kinda… A few weeks ago, one of our affiliates, the National Wildlife Federation, sent a solid article about some of the successes of conservation work.


As detailed in a new joint report, Reversing America’s Wildlife Crisis: Securing The Future of Fish And Wildlife, roughly ONE out of THREE American wildlife species are at increased risk of extinction. The challenges to wildlife extend to every type of species and every part of the country. But there’s good news – you can take action! Check out the report from the National Wildlife Federation. Ask Congress to support Recovering America’s Wildlife Act.




Also, the featured picture above is an Osprey that lives right here on the Anacostia River.


Just today we started work on getting the Osprey webcam fixed.


Feel free to share, and see you next week! 🙂



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