Hi everyone!

This past week has really flown by! Between all the emails and after school programs, and Team Naturaleza’s events, it has been a whirlwind. In the midst of all this we just participated in the largest festival ever in Wenatchee. Of course, I am talking about Apple Blossom Festival! It is by far the most fun festival I have been to in Washington State. The Grand Parade is certainly one to watch. Apple Blossom hosts a Youth Day event during there festival where different organizations and parts of the community come together to provide fun activities for kids!


This event was very successful and so much fun! We had a Plant Pal planting activity, and a fur identification game too!

Brother and sister making their own Plant Pal at Apple Blossom Youth Day with Team Naturaleza.

Judy Neibauer, a Fish and Wildlife Biologist at US Fish & Wildlife Service, helping kids with the Plant Pal activity.












Watching the kids as they planted their own plants was interesting, as a few did not know how to. Helping children learn about plants and the environment always puts things into perspective, and is a great reminder that no change is too small with regards to environmental education. This internship has allowed me to see just how hard school teachers work to provide students with the best education they can! So, I would like to take a moment this Teacher Appreciation Week to say thank you to all the teachers that make a difference everyday!


Next week is our Mother’s Day at Methow Park event, and I can’t wait to update you all on it!


See you next time!





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