Hello everyone!

Today is bright and sunny in Wenatchee and it has me looking forward to summertime paddle boarding and swimming at Chelan! I am also excited for all the summer camps that I will be attending as a volunteer. All of these opportunities have been so much fun thus far and I can’t wait to see what’s next! Team Naturaleza has really been taking off these past few weeks and it has led me to meet some of the most interesting and passionate people I know. Some of these people work in the after school program at the elementary schools around Wenatchee.


The after school program put on an event where different organizations collaborated to bring a fun educational afternoon together at Walla Walla Park. The event had four different activity stations where the students learned about something new. At the Team Naturaleza station we played the migration game and it was a success!

Students make their way through the migratory bird game.

Katie Tackman High-fives a student as she passes through the game.

Katie explains the scientific research station of the migratory bird game.


We also had a wildlife biologist who specializes in bird studies to help explain exactly why it is that birds migrate. To help us prove our point we also had a few visitors! Canadian geese and their goslings lined the edge of the river as they ate grass. The students had a prime example of birds travelling north to eat food that is more available to them.




Canadian geese and their goslings eat grass by the Columbia river.


Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!




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