Hi there, I am Ricky Martinez, the current wetlands and wildlife intern working with the San Luis Valley Bureau of Land Management (BLM). I work at the San Luis Valley Field office which is located in the southwestern part of Colorado in Monte Vista, although most of my work is done at the Blanca Wetlands in Alamosa. I’ve been working here for about the past two months, and every week I do a blog to keep the public informed on some of the critical work being performed by the BLM and myself. All of my recent blogs have been really informative, talking about upcoming projects, the effectiveness of our work, and education. Now I think that it is really important to talk about important issues we as a world face, and it is important to keep the public updated on real progress being performed. However, once in awhile, you need to have some fun…and what kind of fun might I be talking about? Well, since I work for a nonprofit organization called Environment for the Americas (EFTA) and also for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), of course I’m talking about professional educational fun.

So for this week’s blog I’m going to post some pictures, because graphics are cool, right, and nobody likes to read a one-million page book.  Okay, well, maybe every 1:1,000,000 people likes to read a million-page book. But, anyway, I will walk you through what happened when I took this photo, to kind of give you an insight into how fun and wild it is to be in the field working with animals. As you may know, when you are in the wild anything can happen, or should I say wild things can happen. So, here we go…

In this photo you can see four American White Pelicans. On this day there were eight total, though, and I pull up to wetland pond 117 and these monstrous birds jump out of the marsh causing commotion, and it is a group of pelicans. It’s so fascinating that WILD pelicans are in Colorado.

I do bird surveys at Blanca Wetlands every Monday and Wednesday. This was 7:30 a.m. and the sun had just risen and I saw this American Avocet still trying to wake up. I was like me too, bro, me too.


Every time I am out at the Wetlands around noon my stomach starts to growl, because I am out there for five hours and this was around lunchtime. And I thought, at least someone has lunch – a Peregrine Falcon was shredding apart a Pied-billed Grebe.

Here’s a pair of nesting Swainson’s Hawks that love to terrorize the shorebirds and prey on them, but, hey, they’ve got a family to feed.

Speaking about everyone needing to eat, here is a gorgeous Canada Goose family with the parents teaching their hatchling babies how to forage in the wild.

Ricky Martinez

Im Ricky Martinez Metropolitan State University of Denver Alumni (BS Biology). Also I am a SCA Massachusetts AmeriCorps Alumni (2016-2017). I currently am interning with the San Luis Valley Bureau of Land Management. I consider myself an ornithologist and I love birds.

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