It’s Monday morning here in the Nation’s Capital. After about a week of constant rain, the sun has decided to join us again. Last weekend we officially celebrated World Migratory Bird Day at the National Zoo. I remember telling Isabel how life in DC is fun, but there’s always a curve ball (funny because we’re located behind Nat’s stadium)… So here’s a small one for you. Today’s blog will be short, but it will be a preview of what I’ll be doing today instead of my usual recap!


Ready? I walked into work for our usual Monday morning meeting, and got right to business. We discussed the migratory bird event I’ll be doing at a local non-profit. I am excited for this event, because I will be going into the communities of Southeast and sharing all the fun things I’ve learned studying migratory birds. I’ve participated in more than a hand full of events with the Earth Conservation Corps (ECC) at the Pump House, but this will be my first solo event. Wish me luck!


So here’s the real curve ball… After we discussed that, we were made aware that our Eagle cam is out of order!! In the 90’s, the ECC reintroduced the Bald Eagle to its natural habitat along the Anacostia River. No easy task, but it is so amazing to me every time I hear or read about the story. What do we do now that the cameras aren’t working? In about an hour, we’ll be heading down to the tree where the eagles (and eaglets, Honor and Courage!) are nesting. Next we’ll have to climb up the tree and make sure the all the cords are plugged into the right outlets. I’m excited to the see the eagles, and even more excited to participate in the fieldwork aspect of the work we do here at the ECC. Wish me luck that the ticks don’t eat me up…or the eagles, Liberty and Justice!


Try in about a few days and we should be back up and running!!


-Stephen P


Feature photo provided by Eagle Trek Low (Laura)

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