Can you believe we are almost into the month of June! Sadly that means my time as an intern with EFTA and ECC is about half way through… I must power through because there are lots of events and things to learn about birds before I jet off to the next adventure. With this week’s blog entry, I thought I take a few moments to reflect on some of my progress interning here with EFTA and the Earth Conservation Corps.


Being stationed on the Anacostia River is a unique experience because you have small slices of wildlife, like Diamond Teague Park, that still thrive inside the bustling city that is Washington D.C. As we look to the sky, we see Osprey hunting and ferociously guarding their nest from invaders. Cormorant can be seen diving and preening around the dilapidated docks that are being removed for new development.


Since I joined the team back in March, I have been studying up on everything there is to know about birds so I can engage and inspire the children that pass through the Pump House doors. It is important they learn that birds everywhere need our help in the changing landscape. Vital to their understanding is how they can contribute to bird conservation and stewardship. The children leave having learned that it can be as easy as throwing your trash away properly and turning off lights at night.


I find myself becoming more in love with birds as this internship goes on (I even bought a printed bird shirt yesterday at the store!). Thursday will be a little different. All of us down here at ECC will get boat certified so that we can drive the boats and expand our lessons outside of the classroom. So here I’ll say it; bring on the hot summer!


The featured photo above is of the St. Bart’s school group that visited us last Thursday for a migratory bird lesson. We learned about bird migration, physiology and they even got the chance to be creative when they created their own birds to present to the class! One of the children came up to me and thanked me for the fun morning he had learning about birds. That was a WOW moment for me.


See you next week, friends!



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