Hello everyone!

SNOWY PLOVER UPDATE: About a month ago, on April 26th during a Snowy Plover survey, I spotted my first nest. I got to label it and for the past three weeks I have walked by it on my survey and noted that all three eggs were still present. This past week marked the 28th day since the nest was marked and low and behold one of the chicks was in the middle of hatching. The other two were starring, which is the process in which the chicks begin to break out of their egg and into the world. I can’t wait until my next survey when I can hopefully spot these chicks running around on the beach.


Another fun thing that happened this past week was that I got to go out and help with a Share our Shores field trip with San Diego Audubon. This was my first field trip being the only FWS representative present, so I was a tad nervous. But, after I got there I knew everything was going to be okay because I had helped with habitat restoration and watched our Park Rangers do a ton of field trips! And I was right because the group of kids were great and very enthusiastic. They even helped me water all of the plants at the site. It also helped that the weather was beautiful.

10th street restoration project in Imperial Beach

Here are some cool critters I saw while out watering and planting in Imperial Beach. See y’all next week 🙂

A California King Snake, the less common striped morph.

A moth larva


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