Hello there again to the public and anyone else that may follow the Environment for the Americas (EFTA). It’s your EFTA intern Ricky Martinez serving the people and the environment here in the San Luis Valley, or Alamosa Colorado to be specific. I am working on Bureau of Land Management Lands the gorgeous Blanca Wetlands to be specific. I want to focus this blog on a brave little bird species that is dear to my heart, and has the status of near threatened. This brave little bird species is the Snowy Plover (Charadrius nivosus).


The Snowy Plover has an estimated global population of 38,000 individuals, and a conservation status rating of near threatened because of a moderate, long term population decline and ongoing threats to breeding and wintering habitats. The Snowy Plover has a large breeding range, which includes salt flats, sandy beaches, and other open sandy habitats in the southern and western coasts of the United States.

Now with that description of the breeding habitat I just gave you, it sounds like humans love to destroy their breeding habitats. Salt flats can be turned into salt manufacturing sites or people don’t consider that habitat useful, and sandy beaches along the western coast of the U.S., well humans crowd those areas. I am pleased to say here in Alamosa Colorado, our Blanca Wetlands managed by the BLM are home to many nesting pairs of Snowy Plovers and even better, the wetlands are closed to the public during the breeding months. These are the types of things that we as humans are doing right in the world. We must protect these lands for the many species, not just Snowy Plovers, that nest in these crucial habitats.

With the efforts of agencies like the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, NGO’s and volunteers and the public that care for these causes we can save a declining and beautiful species. I call these tiny little birds brave because of what they endure and counter to migrate and ensure a successful reproduction, so that future generations can continue to enjoy their presence.

Here are some pictures of our Blanca Wetlands here in Colorado to show you what these magnificent creatures call home. Hope you enjoy. Get out there and try and protect our brave little Snowy Plovers. Thanks and stay tuned for the next blog of cool and interesting stuff going on at the wetlands.

These are four different photos of our beautiful wetland playas. You can see all the salty shores that provide the perfect habitat for nesting snowy plovers. Some may think this is not important habitat, but many species call it home and give new life here. I will vow to protect these lands as long as I can.

Ricky Martinez

Im Ricky Martinez Metropolitan State University of Denver Alumni (BS Biology). Also I am a SCA Massachusetts AmeriCorps Alumni (2016-2017). I currently am interning with the San Luis Valley Bureau of Land Management. I consider myself an ornithologist and I love birds.

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