Well, last week was another productive week that flew by! A bird survey at the Blanca Wetlands is a great way to start off the week, and, being that birds are now coming in, we seem to see at least a couple new species every week! I have absolutely no complaints about “work” because if feels nothing like work! I get to enjoy nature and the outdoors, observing wildlife and finding new ways to aid in conservation efforts. Time sure does fly by, though, and not like a Turkey Vulture catching updrafts and dipping from side to side, or a hummingbird’s static flight around a flower. Time flies like a Peregrine Falcon dive-bombing its prey from above!  It feels like yesterday we were in San Diego for the EFTA shorebird training, and now there’s only two weeks left until I move off to another state for graduate school! I think I am finally appreciating how quickly we all grow up and move on. Maybe it’s because I am reminded, everyday, by the songs on the radio, or maybe because I am about to make a huge change and move away from everyone I’ve ever known, or maybe…time just flies!

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