It’s finally here! Training time! To make it even better, the Student Conservation Association (SCA) interns arrived to my bunkhouse as well! They are five new interns who will focus on interpretation to help during the forest’s busy summer season. We recently finished the first stage of training to help us prepare to engage the public and educate them on the various programs and history of the forest. This week was our Valuing People and Places (VPP) training, and next week is our Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG) training! The former will give us insight on programs, projects, history, and staff that pertain to the forest. The latter is official training that will teach us techniques and strategies to better read and understand our audience to create content that tailors to each respective group. At the end of that training, we will become Certified Interpretive guides!



Never off to a rocky start. Exploring Cape Perpetua’s tide pools.

Water we up to? Learning about stream ecology!


Our VPP training was great. We learned a wide array of topics from many guest speakers that work in the Forest Service and is reflective of the staffing diversity found here. From managing lands to managing wildlife, we heard from timber management, biologists, social media specialists, historians, and interpreters to name a few. It was great training that allowed us to gain a more in depth understanding of what’s occurring in the forest. We learned more on Cape Perpetua Visitor Center and the Oregon Dunes. This important information will prove useful since we will be focusing on those two locations the most. The execution was delivered in a fun manner by going on hikes and visiting these areas to fully immerse us in the topic we were learning. Not only that, but it allowed all of us summer interns to become more acquainted with one another to encourage group cohesion. So, you might have noticed that I didn’t give any specifics on my new roommates. Quite astute of you to notice that. You might be wondering my reasoning behind that, and the answer is that I’m saving that for the next blog! They’re all awesome peeps, and I can’t wait to give you a small taste of who they are. I can’t wait to see you guys next time because I’ll be a certified interpretive guide by then!


What are we dune-ing? Taking an educational hike in Oregon’s Dunes!

That’s how the cookie crumbles. Learning about Plate Tectonics using oreos.

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