Hello everyone!


This past week was a tame one, which was a nice change in pace after the hustle and bustle of two weekend events. So instead of doing a recap like I usually do, I’m going to shift gears and look ahead to events and things on the horizon.

May 12th is World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD), that’s this Saturday! Wow, how time has flown in its arrival; it feels like just yesterday when we were talking about it for the first time in training.

Bulletin got cleared off (kinda) just in time for our WMBD flier.

I’ve rolled up Year of the Bird posters, ordered materials, put up WMBD fliers, and we just had our final conference call to smooth out all the logistical details. Things are coming together!


Sadly, I won’t be there the day of WMBD, as my graduation ceremony is the same day at the same time. I could really use the time turner Hermione had in Prisoner of Azkaban to go to both events (shameless Harry Potter reference), but I know the Tijuana and Sweetwater crew will make the event a great success!


More things on the horizon – monthly night mammal surveys and high/low tide surveys up in Seal Beach. I’m really excited to finally get up there, as it’s the only refuge in the complex that I haven’t been to yet.


Also, I think I’m going to start a new segment of the blog where I try to learn a new skill that could be useful in my career as a biologist or just a new hobby related to the outdoors. Yup, that’s right, you all get two for the price of one! Oh, that’s right, no one’s paying to read these, but, hey, the more intern blog posts the better, right? Well, that’s all I’ve got for this entry folks. See you next week!

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