Did you go?! Did you go to your nearest World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) event last Saturday? Here in the District, we celebrated WMBD 2018 at the National Zoo on Saturday May 12th. It was a nice warm day with lots of visitors in the park.


Isabel and I set up our table around 9 a.m. Before we were done, we had families coming over to ask about our conservation tree. It’s hard to view the tree in the featured picture above, but trust me there is one under there. Listed on the poster-sized illustration were different pledges for bird stewardship actions. Examples of these included cleaning your bird feeders regularly, making windows visible to birds, and following rules and laws about migratory birds. One of the most popular pledges by the kids was to utilize reusable water bottles! This was great because some of the older kids explained to me that it would help them cut down on the amount of trash they create, improving habitat!


In total we had 129 kids make pledges, but even more children grabbed stickers, coloring sheets and activity books all about migratory birds. I challenge next year’s intern to get 200! (It’s possible, believe me.) It also feels great to see the joy people experienced learning something new about birds, and how they can make a difference right here in the city.



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