Hello everyone and welcome back!


There is still a bit of lingering June gloom here in San Diego, but it’s starting to warm up and produce really nice (almost) summer days. This past Saturday was great weather for the Chollas Lake Fishing Derby. Despite going to school less than 5 miles away, I had never been there. There are a lot of places I hadn’t been to in San Diego that I now visit and frequent because of this internship. So thank you Environment for the Americas (EFTA) for this great opportunity to explore different parts of my city!

Chollas Lake (Lisa Cox/USFWS)


Any who, back to the event! This past weekend there was a fishing derby at the Chollas Lake Recreation Center, where kids got to learn how to fish and hopefully be able to catch some fish. Since you are allowed to fish in parts of the refuge, we figured this would be a good audience to promote that to. All of the kids that came up to out booth were really enthused and interested in petting all the pelts we had brought out. It was fun to have them guess which each animal was, they kept thinking the Gray Fox was a squirrel and I was like that is a huge squirrel!


I had a really nice exchange with a woman who knew all about the sea turtles in San Diego Bay. She asked me a bunch of questions about the population in the bay and I knew all the answers, thanks to the sea turtle monitoring I have been doing with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, more well known as NOAA. Hopefully, a blog post to share more about that project will come later in the summer!


Showing Ms. Stripes off to the kiddos (Lisa Cox/USFWS)

I think my favorite interaction of the day was when a teenage boy came up to the booth and was fascinated with the Gopher Snake skin we had out. I could tell he really liked snakes and I asked if he wanted to see a real one. His eyes lit up as I brought out Ms. Stripes, our resident Rosy Boa. He instantly started rattling off snake facts and what kind of snake he would want as a pet, if he could have one. It was a really nice moment and shows how important getting out into the community is and the impact it can have.


That’s all I have for now! Here’s to another week of being an EFTA intern!



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