Hello everyone! Welcome back to the blogosphere for another week of intern adventures! This week started off a little different than most weeks. Most Mondays, I come into the office and use it as a day to get all my “desk work” done, like writing my blog, sending and responding to emails, brainstorming ideas for education and outreach events, and setting my field schedule for the week. However, this week started off with a low tide survey at Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge. Low tide was at 8:45 am and usually we want to survey a hour and a half before and after the low tide, which means our start time was 7:15 am. Did I mention that Seal Beach is about a hour and a half drive from the San Diego refuges? That means I got to wake up before the sun! The drive up there was nice because no cars were on the road yet and I got to watch the sun rise, while the drive back was even nicer because I took my personal car and and put the convertible top down!


3 big goslings with Mom and Dad.

This was the first official bird survey of my internship, as all the field work I do in San Diego is endangered species monitoring. I love the Snowy Plovers and Least Terns (and I love their chicks even more), but it was nice to be able to get out and see all the other birds on Seal Beach NWR. Some highlights are as follows:


  • Western Meadowlarks singing their hearts out, they have a really pretty song that I have now committed to memory
  • I saw a bunch of Red-winged Blackbirds, haven’t seen this bird in over a year so it was a nice little reunion. I really like black birds that have a pop of color on them.
  • I also got better with my swallow identification, as there were droves of them flitting about. Barn Swallows have a solid back and a deep forked tail, whereas Cliff Swallows have a buffy rump with a not so forked tail

That’s all for this week folks!




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