Finally, Salinas is getting some sunny and warm weather. It now officially feels like summer. Last week, I received a text message from my supervisor telling me that the Black Oystercatchers on Cannery Row in Monterey have hatched. It is a very exciting time of year as other birds such as the Brandt’s Cormorants, located next to the oystercatchers, have also hatched.


I took a trip down to Cannery Row with my spotting scope to look, and I found the pair of oystercatchers with their chick; they have two chicks, but I only saw one. I also looked at the cormorant colony and saw many of them laying on chicks.


The location where both species of birds are located is currently an empty lot that use to be a sardine canning company. The pair of oystercatchers as well as the cormorant colony have been nesting in this location for many years, but their future is not guaranteed as there are development plans on this lot in the near future. We do however, have islands along the Monterey county coast and hopefully they are able to claim a territory around the area.


I will be starting oystercatcher outreach soon along the Pacific Grove coastline, just a few miles down from the Cannery Row location; therefore, I will keep an eye on this pair in the following couple of months.


Cormorant colony on broken foundation;

Oystercatcher territory to the right on rocks.


Cormorant nesting with chicks.


Oystercatcher with chick to the far left; chick greyish color.


Cannery Row history information board.



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